Frequently Asked Questions

Simpl, explained

How is Simpl different?

Simpl lets you order with 1 tap on various websites and apps. All your purchases get added up, which you pay in one go on the 1st and 16th of every month.

Unlike cards and net banking, you can skip multiple verifications and repeated OTPs.

Unlike wallets, you aren’t forced to refill first. So no more Rs. 25 in one wallet, and Rs. 45 stuck in another.

I can checkout quickly by selecting COD. Why choose Simpl?

True, but then you have to be around when the order arrives. And ensure you’re carrying enough cash, and change. Simpl combines the convenience of online payments (while making it far more easier), with the peace of mind that comes with Cash on Delivery.

Then there’s refunds. Merchants rarely give you refunds in cash. You’ll either be sent a cheque, or asked for your bank details for a money transfer. Both take far too much time to process. Or worse, your money will be stuck as credits in an e-wallet.

With Simpl, refunds aren’t even technically refunds anymore, since you haven’t paid in the first place. All the merchant has to do is tap 1 button, and the refund to your Simpl account is instant.

How is Simpl safer than cards and net banking?

When you buy online, you have to painstakingly enter all your details every time. Sadly, this complex verification process only gives you the illusion of security. In reality, the chances of fraud go up every time you share information over the internet.

With Simpl, your payment details are never passed to the merchant. By drastically reducing the number of times you give out your data online, we drastically reduce the chances of fraud.

I can buy with 1 tap. How does Simpl make sure it’s secure?

Simpl carries out multiple verifications in the background each time you buy. If something seems unusual, an OTP check is automatically triggered. For example, an unusual transaction pattern can trigger a check.

Downloading the Simpl app lets us provide additional security as well. Further verifications are triggered if your location is unusual, or if your phone has been tampered with in any way.
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How does Simpl make money?

Merchants have a hard time keeping track of cash. And India’s progress to electronic payment has been slow, because of lack of access and the difficulty of online payments.

Simpl bridges this gap by letting users pay later. This makes a user’s life easy, which in turn makes merchants’ lives simpler, since they aren’t dealing with cash, transaction failures etc. Hence a merchant pays us for extending this service to you.

Using Simpl

How is my spending limit determined?

Your spending limit is initially set by default. But once you start using Simpl, the limit is constantly updated based on a few major factors.

How regularly you repay: Regular and prompt repayment is the most important factor in updating your spending limit. If you’re quick and consistent in settling your dues with Simpl, your spending limit increases over time. Needless to say, consistently failing to do so will have the opposite effect.

Your spending habits: The spending limit will mirror your purchasing habits. If your spending increases steadily, the limit will go up too.

Using the Simpl app: The Simpl app lets us carry out further verifications based on data available on the phone. For example, based on your transactional SMS messages, Simpl can increase your spending limit to match your overall spending.

The strength of your profile: A strong profile allows us to verify your identity, and get to know you better. Simpl uses this information to increase your spending limit.

What does Simpl’s billing cycle look like?

Let’s take the month of July as an example.

Keep in mind that Simpl’s due date isn’t connected to the delivery date of your order. If you place an order on the 15th, and the order is scheduled for arrival on the 19th, you still have to clear your bill on the 16th.

All transactions from the 1st to the 15th will be recorded in one bill, which is generated on the 15th evening. You’ll have to settle it by the next day(16th July).

Transactions from the 16th to the 31st will be recorded in the next bill, which is generated on the 31st(last day of the month). Again, you’ll have to settle it by the next day(1st August).

Why doesn’t Simpl give me two weeks to pay for each order?

The basic idea is to skip paying again and again while making orders online. This makes ordering convenient. So it’s not about giving two weeks to pay. The more important reason, however, is that fixed due dates (1st and 16th) are easy to remember. This makes life easier for you, since instead of different dates with each order, you only need to remember two dates.

My order will only be delivered after Simpl’s bill due date. What happens now?

Think of Simpl as a convenient way to skip paying while making an order. The order gets placed as usual, and will be delivered as usual. Your Simpl due date is independent of it.

So this means that if you place an order on the 15th, and the order is scheduled for arrival on the 19th, you still have to clear your bill on the 16th.

Where all can I use Simpl?

Currently, you can use Simpl on the following merchants:

Simpl is only visible to approved customers. So be sure to log in with your registered phone number to view Simpl on any of the above merchants.

Want your favourite merchant to accept Simpl?
My order got cancelled but isn’t refunded on Simpl. What do I do?

You can contact the merchant directly, since like every other payment method, only they can initiate a refund. In case you’ve already contacted a merchant and nothing has happened, email and let us know. We’ll escalate the matter with the merchant on your behalf.

Why should I pay back on time?

For one, prompt repayment gets you access to higher spending limits on Simpl. But as you build your record for prompt repayment, you will also start getting access to favourable terms on financial products by banks, lenders, insurance companies, and other financial companies who partner with Simpl.

In other words, you can use Simpl to build a financial reputation, which unlocks exclusive deals and rates across a range of financial products.

What happens if someone doesn’t pay back?

Simpl uses sophisticated algorithms to identify trustworthy people. This is why hardly any Simpl user ends up refusing to pay. But in case there’s payment delay of beyond 7 days, Simpl can charge a late penalty of upto Rs. 250. In case a user informs us about any issue s/he is facing, we withhold the late penalty. User are also notified multiple times via Email and SMS before the penalty is levied. We hate hidden charges as much as you.

Just like your telephone bill or any other bill, a Simpl bill is legally enforceable. Hence we’ve almost never seen a complete refusal to repay.

My spending limit just got reduced. What happened?

Simpl determines your spending limit based on your usage, which includes your repayment behaviour. If your spending limit has reduced, it’s mostly due to repeated delayed payments to Simpl. If you think there’s been a mistake, you can contact

Can I settle with cash?

No, we don’t accept cash. However, if you’ve used Simpl for the first time without realising this, let us know. We'll try and arrange an alternative for you. But afterwards, we will have to deactivate your account as well.

How exactly does the Simpl app secure my transactions?

Your phone can verify your identity easily, based on multiple data points. For example, if your location while making a transaction is unusual, we can trigger a security check.

Having the app lets Simpl offer you iron-clad security in the background, without placing any burden on you to enter multiple verifications for every transaction. These verifications allow us to provide all our users 100% guarantee against fraud.