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Pay the total to Simpl Pay online on the 1st and 16th
of every month

BookMyShow ₹ 550
Faasos ₹ 340
Nykaa ₹ 780

Simpl responds to your usage Your spending limit changes
based on your behaviour

Amit Rao
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Shopping with a tap is instant

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Never give bank info to websites

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Commonly asked questions

How is my spending limit determined?

Your spending limit is determined based on your purchase history, how regularly you repay, and a few other factors.

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Does Simpl do anything if someone doesn’t pay?

Depending on the user history, period of delay, and the amount involved, a user may face a penalties or other consequences.

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What does Simpl’s billing cycle look like?

Simpl bills you twice a month - on the 1st and 16th. So each billing cycle spans 2 weeks.

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How is Simpl safer than cards and net banking?

By reducing the number of times you have to give your banking info online, we dramatically lower the chances of fraud.

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