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I Am Unable To Transact Using Simpl. What Could Be Wrong?

There could be multiple reasons behind you not being able to transact. Sometimes it could be because of a temporary glitch. However, there is a possibility that your account might have been suspended due to pending bill amount, irregular spending behavior or violations of terms and conditions.

How Can I Increase My Spending Limit?

There is no definite way to increase your Simpl credit limit. Our models define the credit limit for a user. If you make timely repayments of the Simpl bill and use Simpl frequently, you have a good chance of increasing your credit limit.

How Do I Change My Communication Preferences For Communications From Simpl?

You can go to profile section of the Simpl app to make changes to your communication preferences.

How Do I Deactivate My Simpl Account?

Currently, Simpl does not allow deactivation of the account. You can choose to delete your Simpl account but this is an irreversible action. Once you delete your Simpl account, you will never be able to use Simpl account again in the future. We strongly recommend not deleting your account as we will continue to launch exciting products, add features and revolutionse the checkout experience. In case you still want to go ahead with deletion, please continue with ' Chat with us' button.

Why Am I Not Seeing Simpl Option On Payment Page Of Some Merchants?

You won't be able to see Simpl option on payment page in case we are not live on a merchant or we are available on selective platform (ios, andriod). You will also not see Simpl option for transaction if you are signed in on merchant with a different contact number than one connected to your Simpl account. Additionally, sometimes the Simpl button could be invisible because your order value might be higher than the available Simpl credit limit.

How Do I Change The Contact Number Linked To My Simpl Account?

Unfortunately, you cannot change the number associated with your Simpl account as of now. You can however always choose to create a new Simpl account.

My Account Has Been Compromised, What To Do?

In case you don't recognize a Simpl transaction, please immediately report it to Simpl to get your account blocked. We will then reach out for your support in investigation of the issue. You can report a fraudulent transaction using the 'Chat with us' button below.

I Am Unable To Log In Into The Simpl App. What Should I Do?

To log in successfully, please ensure that the SIM card associated with the phone number you’re using for Simpl is present in your device. This is an added security measure in place to help safeguard your account. If you continue to experience issues, reach out to us through the ‘Chat with us’ option below.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Simpl?

Using Simpl, you can pay seamlessly across our huge merchant network. We take away the worry of server related issues, payment failures, OTP issues from the checkout experience and facilitate the convenience of paying once in 15 days. Most importantly, you don't need to pay even a single penny extra for this!

How Does Simpl’s Billing Cycle Work?

The Simpl bill is generated twice a month. All the transactions between the 1st and 15th are billed on the 15th while transactions done post this date are billed on the last day of the month. So transactions done before the 15th of the month have to be paid by the 20th and transactions done after the 15th of the month need to be paid by the 5th of the next month. For both bills, you get a grace period of 5 days to repay the bill failing which you will be charged a late fee. You can always pre-pay for your transactions, even before the bill is generated

Can I Use Simpl To Make QR Code Or Card Payments?

No, you will not be able to make QR payments using your Simpl credit limit. We also don't issue physical cards.

What Are All The Different Product Offerings From Simpl?

Simpl has multiple products under its umbrella. The most well known being the Simpl pay later option. We continue to launch interesting and innvoative products like Simpl Checkout and Simpl on Delivery to further ease the checkout experience for users like you.

Where All Can I Transact Using Simpl?

Simpl is available on almost every leading merchant across sectors. We support more than 20000 merchants as of now and continue to onboard more. Some of the most popular brand where you can use Simpl are Zomato, Bigbasket, McDonalds, MakeMyTrip, BookMyShow, Tata 1mg, Urban Company, etc.

Can I Get A Longer Billing Cycle On Simpl?

As of now, Simpl supports 15 days billing cycle and it is not possible to get a longer credit period. We keep running experiments from time to time to check the feasibility of various initiatives. If proven helpful, we might do such a thing in future.

How Long Does It Take For Refunds To Reflect In Simpl Account?

Just like paying with Simpl, refunds on Simpl are instant. In case you haven’t received a refund, it’s probably because it hasn’t been initiated by the merchant yet. However, if you were promised a refund and it still isn’t showing up on your Simpl account, please reach out to our support team via 'Chat with us' and we will investigate the case for you.

How Does Cashback For My Order Work In Simpl?

Simpl runs different offers across merchants which gives you a chance to earn cashback for transactions made via Simpl. When you make such a transaction, you will be eligible to receive Simpl cashback. However, in some cases the eligible cashback amount will be credited to your Simpl account only after you pay your Simpl bill. This cashback amount will be auto adjusted against your next Simpl bill. Until then, you will be able to see the details of your eligible Cashback on the ‘Transactions’ section of the Simpl app. You will also receive an SMS notification with the details of eligible cashback.

How Is The Refund Against An Order Is Adjusted?

Post the refund, the amount is adjusted with your outstanding Simpl dues. In case you receive refund after your bill is paid or when your outstanding is lesser than the refund amount, the refund amount will be adjusted as you use Simpl.

I Have An Issue Related To The Order/Transaction I Made Using Simpl. Can Simpl Help?

We strive to provide you the best customer experience possible. You can reach out using 'Chat with option' to seek order related help. We can try reaching out to the merchant on your behalf to get the issue resolved. However, due to limited reach, we won't be able to help in all the cases and sometimes you will be redirected to directly contact the merchant.

How Does Simpl Billing Cycle Work?

The Simpl bill is generated twice a month. All the transactions between 1st and 15th are billed on 15th while transactions done post this date are billed on the last day of the month. So transactions done before 15th of the month have to be paid by 20th and transactions done after 15th of the month need to be paid by 5th of the next month. For both the bills, you get a grace period of 5 days to repay the bill failing which you will be charged late fee. You can always pre pay for your transactions, even before the bill is generated

Why My Bill Repayment Is Failing Repeatedly?

At times, payments might fail because of temporary outages on the bank's end. In such a case, you can just attempt payment again after a while. Please reach out to the support team using 'Chat with us' option if you've attempted more than two payment attempts at different times of the day and it still failed, and we will help you in the best way possible!

How Does Late Fee Work In Simpl?

You will be charged a late fee if you delay your Simpl bill payment by more than 5 days from the date the bill was generated. i.e. for a bill generated on 15th Nov, late fees will apply if you pay the bill on or after 21st Nov.

Bill Late Fees
Bill Amount Range Late Fee (inclusive of GST)
0 > to <=500 Fine of Rs 25
500 > to <=1000 Fine of Rs 50
1000 > to <=2500 Fine of Rs 100
2500 > to <=7500 Fine of Rs 250
More than 7500 Fine of Rs 600

If you further delay your bill payment beyond 20 days from the date of bill generation, an additional late fee basis the outstanding amount is applicable.

My Simpl Bill Repayment Failed Despite Bank Account Debit. What Should I Do Now?

In rare cases, because of issues at the end of bank servers or payment gateways, bill repayment might fail. In cases of such failures, the charged amount is refunded back to your bank account typically within 5-7 days. In case the refund is not credited within this time, you may reach out to the support team using 'Chat with us' option.

What Happens If I Delay My Simpl Bill?

Almost all our users pay us on time. In case, you are not able to make the payment on time, fines of up to Rs. 1200 can be levied on your Simpl bill and your account can suspended permanently. It is also a violation of terms and conditions and accordingly, relevant action can be taken.

Are There Any Fees Associated With Repaying Simpl?

For repayments made through credit cards, a small convenience fee may be charged. The fee amount varies depending on the card scheme and bank involved. This fee is implemented to cover the costs associated with processing the payment, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience for you.

What Is Billbox? What Are The Benefits Of Using Billbox?

Billbox section within the Simpl app offers you the convenience of keeping all your mobile/utility bills in one place. It enables you to pay these bills and make recharges in one click. You can also set up autopay for recurring bills or repeat a previous recharge in one tap.

Why Am I Not Able To Recharge Or Make Payment Using Simpl?

There could be a few reasons why you might be facing an issue with payments and recharges - 1. Insufficient Simpl account credit limit. 2. Unpaid pending bill. 3. Expired recharge plan. 4. Operator is not fetched. 5. Fluctuations from the Operator side. We request you to confirm these in case you are unable to make a payment. For further help, you may reach out to the support team via 'Chat with us' option.

What Is The Convenience Fee Added To My Transactions?

To ensure seamless experience for you on Billbox, a minimal convenience fee might be charged. This typically ranges between Rs 1-5.

Is Everybody Eligible To Use Billbox?

No, not everybody is eligible for Billbox. You will be made eligible for Billbox basis your long term association with Simpl and Bill repayment behaviour.

Why My Recharge/Bill Payment Has Not Been Processed Despite Successful Payment?

Sometimes it can take upto 72 hours for a transaction to be confirmed at the operators end. In such a case, you might face a delay in payment/recharge confirmation. If the issue is not resolved even after 72 hours of the payment, we request you to reach out to support team via 'Chat with us' option.

What Is Billbox Autopay?

Billbox Autopay is a feature where you can authorise Simpl to make bill payments on your behalf. With Billbox Autopay, you can set up your recurring utility bills like Electricity, Gas, Water, Mobile, Landline & Broadband Postpaid for automatic payment facility (a standing instruction). When you set up a bill for Autopay, Simpl will fetch your bill and pay it on your behalf 3 days after it’s generated. Your bills will be paid using Simpl and added to your Simpl bill which you can clear in one go every 15 days. You can set up autopay for your postpaid categories and Fastag. However, there is a possibility that your account might have been suspended due to pending bill amount, irregular spending behaviour or violations of terms and conditions.

What Is Pay-In-3 And How Does It Work?

Pay-in-3 allows Simpl users to split their total purchase amount into three equal, interest-free installments when shopping with our partner merchants. The first payment will be made at the time of purchase. Your order is confirmed and processed by the merchant. The remaining two payments will be made via the Simpl app over the next two months. Example: Total Purchase Amount - INR 6000 Date of Purchase - 16th January 1st Installment - INR2000/- on 16th January. 2nd Installment date - INR 2000/ - on 05th February. 3rd (Final) Installment - INR 2000/- on 5th March.

Can Simpl Pay Later Be Used With Pay-In-3?

Yes, you can shop with both Pay Later and Pay-in-3 at the same time. All Simpl Pay later and Simpl Pay-in-3 payments will be added to the same Simpl bill. Simpl Pay Later and Pay-in-3 share a single credit limit!

Can I Make Manual Payments Before The Installment Dates? How Can I Separately Pay For The Pay In 3 Bill?

No, you cannot prepay your Pay-In-3 payments or make manual payments.

What Are The Benefits Of Pay-In-3?

There are multiple benefits of Pay in 3 payments Makes purchases affordable No interest or hidden charges No processing fee.

Can I Convert A Simpl Pay Later Purchase To Pay-In-3?

No, customers will not be able to convert a Pay Later purchase to Pay-in-3 or vice versa.

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